About NCCA



The NCCA was established on a statutory basis in 2001. Before that, it was a non-statutory organisation for over 20 years.

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Vision and mission

Our Strategic Planning Process for 2012-2015 sets out the vision for the NCCA:

Leading innovation in education for living, learning and working in a changing world

The mission is to:

  • advise the Minister for Education and Skills on curriculum and assessment from early childhood to the end of second level
  • engage with learners, teachers, practitioners, parents and others to support innovation in schools and other educational settings
  • undertake, use and share research as a basis for advice and debate on education.

Strategic Goals

The strategic plan for 2012-2015 sets out six strategic goals.

1.    Curriculum and Assessment Development

To develop innovative curriculum and assessment for engagement, progression, quality, inclusion and continuity across sectors

 2.    Engagement and networks for innovation

To work with schools, teachers, practitioners and learners to build capacity for change and to inform curriculum and assessment development and implementation

 3.    Knowledge and research

To generate, use and share knowledge and research to support the development of curriculum and assessment advice and practice in schools and other educational settings

 4.    Strategic relationships

To build on existing strategic relationships and develop new ones to support and connect curriculum and assessment development and implementation

 5.    Profile and communications

To communicate, present and share the work and achievements of the NCCA to improve the profile of the organisation and engagement with its work

 6.    Organisational effectiveness and governance

To develop the NCCA governance and organisation structures, processes, skills and competences to innovate in the achievement of the vision.

Download the strategic plan 2012-2015 here