Boards and Development Groups


Structures and processes

Council has reviewed the range and nature of the structures convened to advance the curriculum and assessment work of the NCCA.  It also reviewed the processes used by these structures. The document Supporting the Strategic Plan 2012-2015 sets out an overview of the re-configured structures and processes which now operate.

The Boards and Development Groups currently working are listed below. Click to link to membership list.

Important information for members regarding payments

From now on NCCA will be making payments to all payees via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct to bank accounts. If you are making a claim for expenses please download the bank details form below and complete in full and return along with the expenses claim form.

Bank details form

Rest assured that under the Data Protection Act all details contained in the form will be held securely and confidentially and under no circumstances will they be disclosed to any third party.

The Comet

The Comet is the NCCA’s newsletter for members of committees and boards of studies. It is published twice a year and contains news on a number of items such as new developments and organisational changes. To date, there have been four editions of The Comet:

The Comet : Issue 5
The Comet : Issue 4
The Comet : Issue 3
The Comet : Issue 2
The Comet : Issue 1

Useful resources for printing

NCCA Travel Policy May 2010
NCCA Database Entry Form
NCCA Expenses Claim Form
NCCA Indemnity Form