Customer Service


Our Commitment to Quality Service

The NCCA is committed to provide a high quality and efficient service to our customers.


Our Service Standards

  • we will provide customers with information on our service standards at appropriate locations throughout the NCCA main offices
  • we will put in place a range of new on-line resources to improve services offered to customers and staff members.
  • we will obtain accreditation through Excellence Through People, Ireland's national standard for human resource development which is designed to encourage the development of our employees to their full potential in order to maximise their contribution to the specific needs of the organisation and to its customers

Telephone Calls

  • we will ensure all calls are answered promptly and that staff members give their full name when answering the telephone
  • we will ensure that messages left on the central and individual voice-mail systems are attended to in a timely manner
  • we will ensure that front line staff have up-to-date information to enable them to handle calls in the most efficient and effective manner
  • if a query cannot be dealt with immediately, we will ensure that the caller’s contact details will be taken and the call will be returned or the information issued in writing to the caller as soon as possible
  • if the information required by a caller is not available, the NCCA will endeavour to advise on a possible alternative source for that information.

Correspondence/ E-mail

  • we will acknowledge all correspondence within five working days and issue a definitive reply to routine queries within ten working days and within 20 working days to complex queries involving research or further consultation
  • if a reply cannot issue within these time-frames, an interim reply will issue informing the correspondent of progress
  • we will ensure that replies are clear, using technical terms only where this is absolutely necessary and ensure that all replies carry a contact name, telephone number and e-mail address.

Callers to our office

  • we will ensure that all personal callers are treated with friendliness, courtesy and sensitivity and that waiting time is kept to a minimum
  • we will ensure that reception and meeting rooms are clean, accessible and maintained to a high degree of comfort and safety.

Physical Access

  • we will ensure that all our premises and facilities are made accessible for people with disabilities
  • we will ensure that all offices are kept clean and tidy and comply with occupational safety standards
  • we will provide suitable visitor facilities to ensure that their privacy is respected.

Easy Access to Information

  • we will continue to produce printed material where required which is well designed, readable and accessible
  • we will ensure that the information available on the NCCA websites is clear, up to date and accurate
  • we will comply with our obligations under the Official Languages Act (2003), the objective of which is to ensure better availability and a higher standard of public services through Irish
  • we will ensure that the NCCA continues to adhere to its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act (1997) and the Data Protection Act, (2003).

Complaints and Appeals

  • we have developed and will maintain a well-publicised, accessible, transparent and simple-to-use systems for dealing with complaints and appeals.
  • we will provide training to staff on handling customer complaints and appeals and ensure that feedback from the operation of the systems are kept under review. View Complaints Procedure in PDF

Equality and Diversity

  • we will raise awareness of equality/diversity issues among NCCA staff members through the provision of continuing professional development and training
  • we will continue to take account of equality and diversity issues in all advice offered to the Minister for Education and Skills, in our publications and in our event management
  • we will ensure that our workplace policies take account of the Employment Equality Act (1998) and the Equal Status Act (2000) which outlaw discrimination on grounds of gender, marital status, family status, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religious belief and membership of the Traveller Community.
  • we will ensure that the NCCA websites conform to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines for public websites.

Feedback/ Consultation

  • we will continue to consult with relevant interests and review and evaluate our consultation processes to ensure the widest possible input in advice offered to the Minister for Education and Skills
  • we will seek the views of staff members on the development, delivery and review of our services
  • we will identify measures for obtaining feedback on the services provided by the NCCA.

Internal Customer

  • we will ensure that standards applied to external customers will apply equally to internal customers
  • we will ensure that all processes and services involving the internal customer comply with the provisions of equality legislation and we will promote a culture of respect for diversity among all internal customers
  • we will provide for and actively encourage continuing professional development and training for staff
  • we will articulate job descriptions, in partnership with individual staff members and their staff representatives, with clear goals and responsibilities and ensure that these are understood by all staff members.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or the way it was handled, you may pursue the matter further with the Ombudsman, or in the case of children under 18 years of age, with the Ombudsman for Children. Contact details are as follows:

Office of the Ombudsman,
18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Phone: (01) 639 5600 or Lo-call 1890 22 30 30

Office of the Ombudsman for Children,
Millennium House,
52-56 Great Strand Street,
Dublin 1
Phone: (01) 865 6800 Free-phone 1800 20 20 40

If you wish to download a copy of our Customer Service Charter in PDF or our recent Committee Members Newsletter The Comet please click on the links in the Publications section below.

Mr. Morgan Lockhart
Customer Service Officer
National Council for Curriculum and Assessmen
35 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2

Telephone: +353 1 661 7177
Fax: +353 1 661 7180


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