Aistear Toolkit


The Aistear Toolkit is the place where you can access lots of practical resources to help you get started with using Aistear. Have a look at the variety of resources that are available.
What's New
Aistear in Action Final ReportRead the final report on the Aistear in Action initiative to find out how 24 practitioners used Aistear to develop a fun, engaging and exciting curriculum for children during their pre-school year.
Maths PodcastUse these podcasts to help children think and talk about measure.
Indoor and outdoor environmental auditUse this audit document to help you think about and improve your indoor and outdoor learning environment.
Well-being, Identity and BelongingCommunicating, Exploring and ThinkingLook at photo presentations of how some services support children’s learning and development across Aistear’s four themes in the pre-school year.

Introducing Aistear

Resources that explain Aistear

Using the themes

Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, Exploring and Thinking

Teaching through play

Sessional, full day care and infant classes

Supporting interactions

Supporting learning through positive interactions

Planning, documenting and assessing

Tools to help you develop your curriculum

Working with parents

Information on how parents and services can work together

The learning Environment

Ideas to enhance the indoor and outdoor environment