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Teachers in some primary schools use play across the curriculum in junior and senior infant classrooms. The podcasts and videos below give suggestions for planning and organising your classroom and show examples of teaching and learning through play.
 Planning and organising for playSupporting and reviewing play
Examples from infant classrooms
Organising my junior
infant classroom

Organising time
during play
Understanding and Developing Play -
Prof Elizabeth Wood in primary classrooms

Understanding Play
Developing Play

Using play to support learning

Teacher's role

The teachers in role in play
The Travel Agent
A teaching principal's

S Brennan: My journey as an infant teacher

Curriculum objectives through play
Capacity through water play
Numeracy in role play
Sorting farm animals
Money in market play

Using topics
The Pet Shop
The Garden Centre
Curriculum integration
Information and ideas to get startedResources
Starting with play resources
Resourcing socio-dramatic

Resourcing junk art and
construction play

Resourcing literacy
and numeracy

Open-ended accessories

Playful approach to teaching
Progression: junior to senior infants

Children's thoughts on play

Tip sheet on play for parents
(PDF, 993KB)
Organising space
Teacher-child interactions
Interactions during play
Organising an hour of play
Planning playtime
Daily play routine
Children reviewing play
Assessing during play
Observing and assessing play
Planning framework for play
Transition to Primary School - Professor Sue Dockett

Supporting children as they make the transition from preschool to primary school