Theme: Exploring and Thinking


Aistear describes learning and development using four themes. Exploring and thinking is one of these themes.



This presentation shows the theme of Exploring and Thinking in action in preschool setting

Exploring and Thinking


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Exploring and Thinking.



This poster shows Aistear's Exploring and Thinking theme.



Using play and books in pre-school settings to think and talk about measure.



Use play, books and everyday activities to help children learn about measure.

Aim 1

Children will learn about and make sense of the world around them.

Learning experience booklets

Trains Print
Trains Screen

Hen Print
Hen Screen

Water play Print
Water play Screen

ICE Print
ICE Screen

Donkey Print
Donkey Screen

Aim 2

Children will develop and use skills and strategies for observing, questioning, investigating, understanding, negotiating, and problem-solving,and come to see themselves as explorers and thinkers.

Learning experience booklets

Feeding birds Print
Feeding birds Screen

Builders Print
Builders Screen

Fire, fire Print
Fire, fire Screen

Aim 3

Children will explore ways to represent ideas, feelings, thoughts, objects, and actions through symbols.

Learning experience booklets

Content coming soon.

Aim 4

Children will have positive attitudes towards learning and develop dispositions like curiosity, playfulness, perseverance, confidence, resourcefulness, and risk-taking.