Draft planning frameworks for the Primary Language Curriculum



Please find a number of draft planning frameworks to support both your short- and long-term planning, in English and Irish. These draft frameworks are presented as e-pdfs to allow you to type, save, edit and print. There are a number of planning frameworks available to support you in using your own preferred style of planning. For ease of use, the Cuntas Míosúil is included in the short-term frameworks and can be completed at the end of a given month. 

The frameworks are presented in draft format to enable you to provide feedback. This feedback will be used to further develop and improve the planning frameworks. There is a link below to a short survey for sharing your feedback. 

Some teachers have been asking us about the connection between Learning Outcomes and the Progression Continua and whether, in effect, the Progression Steps in the continua add more learning outcomes to the Primary Language Curriculum. This is not the case. In fact, the continua help you, as a teacher, in working with the Learning Outcomes. The outcomes describe the expected language learning and development for children at the end of a two-year period. The continua help you to plan for, and to differentiate teaching and learning so that all children can progress towards the Learning Outcomes.

In this way, the Learning Outcomes describe what you must teach and the Progression Continua are designed as helpful reference points in planning appropriate language experiences for children. The suite of draft planning frameworks which you can access from this webpage, show a number of ways in which you can plan using the Learning Outcomes in the Language Curriculum.