Coding in Primary Schools

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There has been much public interest in the place of coding in the primary curriculum and particularly in the mathematics curriculum. Primary mathematics lays some of the foundations for coding through its emphasis on computational, creative and flexible thinking skills. This emphasis can be seen in the new draft mathematics curriculum for junior infants to second class which will be published shortly for consultation. 

Phase one

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In exploring coding in the wider primary curriculum, the NCCA is gathering information from schools about their work with coding. These ‘classroom stories’ will help to answer questions such as, what types of coding experiences are teachers providing? Where in the primary curriculum is this work happening? Which classes are involved? Why did the teacher/school start work on coding? What are the benefits and challenges? The NCCA plans to share schools’ ‘stories’ and examples of current practice as a support to other schools interested in this area. If your school is using coding and you’d like to share your work with us, let us know below.


Phase two

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Internationally, there are a number of approaches to integrating coding in primary curricula. Drawing on this international experience and schools’ work here in Ireland, NCCA will develop guidelines on using different approaches to coding within the curriculum. Schools will then be invited to join a network to try out these approaches. This second phase of work with schools will begin in Spring 2018 and will help to tease out and clarify how, to what extent, for what purpose, and where coding could be integrated in the primary curriculum.