Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) and Ethics


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Consultation on the proposals for a curriculum in Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) and Ethics took place from 3rd November 2015 to 31st March 2016.

To ensure the consultation was as far reaching and inclusive as possible, a number of formats were used such as online questionnaires, written submissions, discussion groups, school case-studies, and meetings with education partners and interest groups. The consultation was successful in gathering the views of parents, children, teachers, interest groups and members of the general public.  

For a summary of the consultation process you can download the Key Findings and Next Steps.

The Consultation Report provides a detailed overview of the entire process, as well as the findings from the consultation and directions for the development of ERB and Ethics. This report is available to download below.

The written submissions received from individuals and interest groups during the consultation are also available to view and download at the relevant link below.

A separate report on the questionnaire responses has been also generated by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) and is made available below.


Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) and Ethics

Consultation Overview


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the consultation.