Primary School Curriculum


The Primary School Curriculum was developed by the NCCA and launched in 1999. It is presented in six areas which comprise of 11 subjects. Curriculum documents and teacher guidelines are provided for each curriculum subject. You can download the Introduction to our Primary Curriculum here.


Physical Education

Social, Environmental and Scientific Education

Social, Personal and Health Education

Social, Personal and Health Education


Teacher Guidelines

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Publication of Primary School Curriculum

There are no hard copies of the Primary School Curriculum currently available. To purchase a CD-ROM of the curriculum please contact: Government Publications Sales Office, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2. Tel +353 1 679 3515

You can also view the Primary School Curriculum online at

Re-presented Curriculum Documents

In response to the issue of curriculum overload, we have developed re-presented curriculum materials for a number of subjects to make the content objectives more accessible to teachers.