Primary Developments



This page provides information on current work to further develop and enrich the primary curriculum. In 2014 we're consulting on the overall primary curriculum and the area of language.

Consulation and Engagement

From April to May 2014, we invite you to 'have your say' on the Primary Language Curriculum. A further consultation on the Primary Curriculum: New Pathways for Teachers and Children will take place in September on the 15th birthday of the '99 Curriculum.

New Pathways for Teachers and Children


Consulation date to be announced.

The Primary Language


Primary Language Curriculum.

Schedule for the Primary Developments

In 2014, we are developing the overall shape and structure of the Primary Curriculum and the new Primary Language Curriculum,. We are also beginning development of the Mathematics Curriculum. Important milestones for the Primary Developments in 2014
September 2014Publication online of the new Primary Language Curriculum for children from Junior Infants to Third Class.
October 2014Publication online of the structure of the revised primary curriculum - for children in all classes for all areas of learning.