Inclusion - Curriculum Framework for Children in Detention and Care


NCCA has developed a draft curriculum framework (CiDC) for use in children detention schools, high support units and special care units. The feedback we received on the framework document from educational practitioners and other stakeholders involved with the provision of education in the units and schools attached to these settings has informed the development of the framework. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all those who responded to the consultation questionnaire.

The framework is now being issued to the Department of Education and Science with recommendations for implementation.

Purpose of the draft CiDC framework

The purpose of the draft curriculum framework is to encompass and describe the range of curricular experiences available to learners across the settings. The framework is designed to assist the schools and units in the area of curriculum development and programme planning. The framework is best used as a reference point for educational programmes that develop a wide range of skills, knowledge, understandings and attitudes in line with the needs of the learners and the resources available.

The nature of the draft framework reflects the need to

  • offer a continuum of learning (across all age ranges)
  • make curriculum planning/development easier across all abilities
  • reflect the diversity of children in detention/care in terms of culture and background
  • inform practice across a range of settings and so aid the sharing and connectedness of ideas.
  • support the transfer of information on the learner between these settings and to other education and training opportunities
  • support inclusive practice
  • encourage reflective practice as a tool to improve the quality of curriculum provision across all settings

The CiDC draft framework is available to download below.

Guidelines for the implementation of the draft framework

NCCA, in consultation with stakeholders and in collaboration with a network of schools and units in the sector have developed a set of guidelines for the implementation of the framework. The guidelines are included in the framework document and are available to download below.

Purpose of the draft guidelines

The guidelines are designed to show how the framework can be used to support the planning and review of education programmes for learners in these settings. As with the framework itself, the guidelines are intended for use by all teachers, and should also be accessible to care staff, managers, other professionals and stakeholders directly involved with the student’s education during the time they spend in these settings and following their transition to mainstream schools, or other educational/training settings.

The guidelines are available to download from this site.

To support the implementation of the Children in Detention and Care (CiDC) framework, an information leaflet on the framework and guidelines has been designed and is available to download below.



Draft curriculum framework (pdf 2.49MB)
(The CiDC Curriculum Wheel can be found on page 20.)
Information Leaflet for schools on the draft framework and guidelines (pdf 335k)

Questionnaire (pdf 132k)
Report on a survey of learners in the settings (pdf 459k)
Report on a survey of teachers in the settings (pdf 370k)

Inside Out; A new way to think about the curriculum
; Article from info@ncca (January 2009)