Special Educational Needs


The NCCA is responsible for advising the Minister for Education and Science regarding curriculum and syllabuses for students with a disability or other special educational needs (Education Act, 1998). In fulfilling its remit, the NCCA began by addressing the needs of students with general learning disabilities and exceptionally able students.

Level 2 Learning Programmes for new Junior Cycle


We have developed Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) designed for students who have general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories.
The L2LPs have been developed with schools already working with this group of students and the NCCA has drawn on this experience to produce a Toolkit on L2LPs for teachers.
The L2LPs will be aligned to Level 2 of the NFQ. The Learning Programmes and qualification are due to be introduced in schools in 2014.

You can access the Guidelines and all related material here.

Guidelines for teachers of students with general learning disabilities

SEN guidelines imageSupporting the teaching and learning of students with mild, moderate, severe and profound general learning disabilities …guidelines for teachers Find out more

Exceptionally able students: draft guidelines for teachers

Exceptionally able imageIn every school, there will be a group of students who are exceptionally able and require greater extension of breadth and depth of learning activities than is normally provided for the main cohort of students….guidelines for teachers Find out more

Other publications

Special Educational Needs: Curriculum Issues December (1999)
Differentiation; Article from info@ncca (September 2007)

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