Junior Cycle Information for Parents


Welcome to the homepage for parents of post-primary students. There are three main areas for you to access from here:

Transition from primary to post-primary education

The transition from primary to post-primary education can pose new challenges for parents as well as children. Aware of the fact that the curriculum has changed considerably since their time at school, many parents feel at a loss as to how to help their children through the post-primary experience.

Recognising this difficulty for parents the NCCA has developed, and will continue to develop, a variety of publications which help to explain the pathway through post-primary education.

  • What are young people saying about their move from primary to post-primary school?

Every year more than 50,000 young people in Ireland move from primary to post-primary education. What helps them to settle into their new school? What enables them to do well? To find answers to these questions, the NCCA commissioned the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) to undertake a study of over 900 students in their first three years of post-primary school. Click on the links below to read the research reports.

Moving Up - the experiences of first year students: booklet for schools, teachers and parents (2004)
Pathways through junior cycle - the experiences of second year students (2006)
NCCA summary and commentary on ESRI research into the experiences of third year students (2007)

  • As a parent, how can I help my child make the transition to post-primary school?

Getting Involved, produced by the Department of Education in England, is a short video (12 minutes, 13 seconds) designed to help parents and carers to get involved in their children's learning.


Junior cycle

  • Junior Cycle Factsheets

junior cycle factsheet
These factsheets were designed to help sixth class pupils and first year students, but are also useful for parents. They provide information about the different subjects available in junior cycle in a colourful and easy-to-read format. Click on the links below to access the Factsheets.

Junior Cycle Factsheets  
Art, Craft, DesignBusiness StudiesClassical Studies
HistoryHome EconomicsIrish
ItalianLatin and Ancient GreekMathematics
Materials Technology WoodMusicMetalwork
Physical EducationReligious EducationScience
SpanishSPHETechnical Graphics
  • Junior cycle developments consultation: Summary of the ideas paper now available (PDF, 448KB) Junior cycle developments logo

A consultation on a future junior cycle is now underway and a range of materials is available to support you in the consultation. An ideas paper Innovation and Identity: Ideas for a new Junior Cycle, a summary | of this paper (PDF, 448KB), as well as other resources (video vox-pops from schools, a multimedia introduction) along with a short questionnaire and blog can be found at www.ncca.ie/juniorcycledevelopments | .

Further information

If you would like any other topics covered on our parents' junior cycle page, please email us your suggestion to info@ncca.ie. Thank you.