How can teachers be supported to connect their practice with research and with researchers and other teachers?

This question is at the heart of work by three national organisations, the Centre for Effective Services (CES), the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment(NCCA) and the Teaching Council - the Research Alive group.

The tender for Molfeasa will be advertised in early 2015. However, to begin to answer the above question, the work of the group has involved three main actions to date:


The Irish term "mol feasa" means "hub of wisdom/knowledge/learning". We think an online hub, could offer a space for teachers and other education professionals and researchers to connect with educational research and with one another. Molfeasa will take a broad interpretation of research, including academic and action research and will draw on the work and ideas of both teacher-researchers as well as those working as researchers. We think Molfeasa should be a place where teachers can...


Thank you to all who have helped shape the ideas so far, at teacher events and conferences. If you'd like to share your ideas for Molfeasa, please email your thoughts to

You can read more about the Research Alive initiative and plans for Molfeasa below:
- The story of Research Alive - Prezi, Féilte (October, 2014)
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