Guidance in Post-Primary Education

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NCCA developed a draft curriculum framework for guidance in 2007. The framework offers an outline of a range of learning experiences for students in the areas of Personal Guidance, Educational Guidance and Career Development. The draft curriculum framework for guidance is neither a school guidance programme nor a guidance plan; its purpose is to provide support for schools in developing student access to appropriate guidance.


Draft Curriculum Framework for Guidance

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The framework reflects the importance of a balanced approach to guidance provision, both in terms of the coverage of a broad range of topics and skills, and in terms of student access to guidance across all the years of post-primary education.


Copies of the draft framework and a consultation questionnaire were sent to all post-primary schools and to other interested organisations and groups in January 2007.


We carried out a further consultation with schools between November 2007 and January 2008, in which we sought the views of school principals, guidance counsellors and students.You can access the reports on the consultations about the framework below.