Rebalancing of the History syllabus has been carried out by a NCCA course committee for this subject. The course committee is made up of representatives of the teacher unions, school managerial bodies, the subject association, the Department of Education and Science, and the State Examinations Commission.

Documents to download

To view and download the draft rebalanced syllabus and other documents click the links below:

Consultation dates

The consultation, which began on April 14th, is now closed. Please note that the rebalanced History syllabus is in draft format, intended for consultation purposes. The current syllabus remains unchanged and can be downloaded above or at www.education.ie or alternatively on the curriculumonline section of our website. To keep up-to-date on this topic and all other areas of NCCA activity, subscribe to info@ncca.

What will happen to the feedback

We will compile the feedback on the consultations and a report will be posted on this website. The course committee for History will then meet to make whatever amendments are necessary. Once finalised, the syllabus will be considered by the Junior Cycle Review Committee and presented to Council for approval.

Following this, the syllabus will be issued to the Department of Education and Science for introduction to schools.