Computer Science


Draft Leaving Certificate Computer Science Specification (Post Consultation)

Read the most recent draft Leaving Certificate Computer Science specification.

Draft specification for Computer Science

 A new Leaving Certificate Computer Science subject will be introduced, on a phased basis, to schools in September 2018. The curriculum specification for LC Computer Science is currently being developed by the NCCA.

There are a number of steps involved in developing a new curriculum specification. Information on the progress of the Computer Science specification is available below.


Summary of the Work of the Development Group

The Computer Science Development Group worked on designing a specification for Leaving Certificate Computer Science. To provide a strong, representative and responsive basis for its curriculum and development work the NCCA established development groups to undertake specific tasks in subjects. The Computer Science Development Group consisted of the nominees from a range of education stakeholders including teacher and management bodies, Department of Education and Skills, and the State Examinations Commission. Reports of all development group meetings can be accessed below.

International research on the provision of Computer Science


The purpose of this research was to explore the nature of Computer Science courses at upper second level across a number of other jurisdictions. The report outlines an evidence base on which to develop the specification for Leaving Certificate Computer Science.