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Coding in Primary Schools

Keep up to date with developments in the primary coding initiative.

Coding in Primary Schools Initiative

Are you interested in doing some work on coding and computational thinking in your primary school classroom but not sure how to get started?

As part of phase 1 of the Coding in Primary Schools Initiative, the NCCA worked with 15 schools around the country to find out what they were doing with coding and how they were using it in the primary curriculum.

Phase 2 of the initiative involves working with 25 schools which have done little or no previous work on coding. The schools have been offered on-going professional development and support, and have the opportunity to work with, and learn from teachers in other schools as they get involved in hands-on, project-based approaches to teaching coding and computational thinking in the classroom. 

This work will help NCCA to tease out and clarify how, to what extent, for what purpose, and where computational thinking and coding could be integrated in the primary curriculum.